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How To Be A Better Blogger Or How To Start
If You're Still Just Reading

(I wrote this when I was working for a Real Estate company, but the blogging advice applies to every kind of business. Also, some of the articles are from when blogging first started. Since that's been a few years, that should be even more of a reason to get going!)

The Real Estate Tomato site is a creative, fun, and informative blogging resource, full of useful tools. If you are having trouble getting started on a blog, check out To Blog or Not To Blog. The "4 Cs" made me a blogger! If you are already blogging, and haven't read the Tomato's excellent short-and-sweet how-tos, what are you waiting for? If you already feel confident in your blogging, make sure you aren't making The 10 Biggest Mistakes.  Here are my must-read recommendations:

This article covers objections real estate agents hear and how to overcome them, but is a fantastic illustration on how to write headlines. Scroll down to see their examples in red. They illustrate the before-and-after very well, and the creative way that they draw the reader in makes them effective!

If you liked that article, check out this more in-depth one.

This article, especially number 6. about Links, illustrates the reason for, and best use of, hyperlinks in your articles. Serve your reader well and choose your links carefully. Your links should further the point of your blog post. You'll see what I mean if you see how the Real Estate Tomato uses links.
TIP: When you want to make a link, be sure that you select “Open link in a new window” from the “Target” drop down box inside the Insert/edit link pop-up box, that way if your reader closes the link, they don't also close your blog post.


Images are a crucial part of blogging, especially if you want more than 2 out of 10 readers to go beyond your headline. Where you place images is also important. This article: How F Street Will Have Readers Returning To Your Blog has all the answers.
TIP: When you place your photo, remove the blue border by putting “O” (zero) in the border box, and put 10 in the horizontal space box so your text does not touch your photo. The vertical space box controls the amount of space above and under the photo. These measurements are in pixels.

So, if you're still stuck, take inspiration from a really successful blogger. She found her voice, and writes well. She ties this fun article back in to real estate at the end. If only we could all be so clever and so amusing. If Teresa Boardman doesn't inspire you, the Tomato offers 101 Topics in Food For Fodder.

Happy Blogging!


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