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Twitter Quick Promote and Google Search

Twitter has made their ads a little more customizable with Quick Promote. The best part is that you can specifically target your campaign and, hopefully, make your call to action more effective.  Read more.


Understanding Image Sizes and File Types

Tired of your graphic person always asking for larger photos?  Here's a primer on image sizes and file types, with illustrations to help you understand the photos used in print versus photos used on the web . . .  Read more.


The Myth of the Quick Fix

Thanks to Liz Rodriguez of Design House Agency for posting this helpful list of FREE ways to boost WEBSITE TRAFFIC on LinkedIn, and guess what, using the words "sweat equity". There really is no quick fix—You have to do the work, or hire someone (like me) to do the work. Think of it like being a Socialite. You have to get made up, dressed up, attend the parties, schmooze, get your picture taken, repeat. In other words, put the time in. So what does that mean?  . . .  Read more.


Who's Afraid of Social Media?

Almost daily, I run up against someone with a fear of Social Media. Especially among people who do not spend much time on the computer at home. Maybe you know someone like that. Maybe you are that person. You imagine that someone somewhere is just waiting to get their hands on your personal information. Don't worry . . .  Read more


Building Your Visual Vocabulary

Creative inspiration can come from anywhere. This photo is from a very creative blog called Color Me Katie that never fails to inspire me. Building your "visual vocabulary" can help your creative juices flow. Your visual vocabulary is all the images you have seen, plus the associations that go along with them.  Read more . . .


The Prevalence, Appeal, and Use of Graffiti-Inspired Images

During Art Basel at the end of 2012, I spent a half day in the Wynwood area on foot looking at and photographing all the graffiti. The overwhelming prevalence and staying power of graffiti-inspired images in graphic design finally hit home with me, and I was enthralled  Read more . . .


4 Key Components of Graphic Design

We use 4 key components in graphic design—Color, Images, White Space, and Words—to communicate a Message, but it's what you do with them that makes it a Story.  Read more . . .


How To Be A Better Blogger Or
How To Start If You’re Still Just Reading

(I wrote this when I was working for a Real Estate company, but the blogging advice applies to every kind of business.)

The Real Estate Tomato site is a creative, fun, and informative blogging resource, full of useful tools. If you are having trouble getting started, check out To Blog or Not To Blog. Their 4 Cs made me a blogger! If you are already blogging, and haven’t read the Tomato’s excellent short-and-sweet how-tos, what are you waiting for? If you already feel confident in your blogging, make sure you aren't making The 10 Biggest MistakesRead more . . .





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